About us

We exist to make, grow, and unleash lifelong followers of Christ.

We do this by:


Encountering Christ through studying the Bible, the Word of God, and through coming together to worship God.


Encouraging community with each other. As we become a group of unified Christ followers, we can go out and serve our community.


Eequipping Christ followers to engage and change the culture for Christ. When we live by faith and are known by our love we can be a voice of hope, declaring and demonstrating the liberating power of the gospel.

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Meet our team

Jeremiah Wood, Lead Pastor

Jeremiah came to the Lord as a child and felt called to the ministry in the 8th grade. He is a visionary and a gifted leader. His wife, Rena, has served as a registered nurse, and is now enjoying the opportunity to stay home with their four children: Kali age 16, Landi 7, Zaiden 6, and Lakota 5.

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